You don't have to

do it alone

Let Oceans Apart Résumés take the stress out of writing your own résumé. I can see your résumé objectively and get you noticed. Let me do all the leg work so that you can be ready to get to work!

Résumé Services:

Résumé Only – including an extensive one on one interview by phone, or in person, (if you are local), and rewrites until you are satisfied with the final draft. Your résumé can be sent electronically in Microsoft Word or pdf format, whichever you prefer. Hard copies printed on high quality paper are also available upon request. Prices start at $115 depending on your experience and complexity of your résumé.

Package Deal – Résumé plus cover and follow up/thank you letters - Includes résumé services as above and a cover letter specifically targeting the job you are applying for, and a thank you/follow-up letter. Prices for package start at $165 and up depending on your résumé pricing.

Multiple Résumés – If you are applying for multiple jobs in different fields your résumé needs to target the specific type of job you desire, and I can easily create a more appealing résumé for maximum impact on your prospective employer. Don’t send your impressive office skills résumé out for a retail position – it won’t impress the employer nearly as much as one which enhances your skills and abilities in the sales field. This is a great value offer, it’s better than buy one, get one half off. If you purchase the first résumé at full price, the second and third will only be 35% additional on top! Best value for job seekers looking to switch careers!

The Big Fish – This is for those serious job seekers who want to impress their prospective bosses. It includes multiple résumés, cover letters for each one, and follow-up letters. This package deal also includes a free report with valuable interview tips and techniques to give you the edge when it comes to that all important interview stage! Packages start at $250.